Application Process

How to Apply

Our Wait List is currently closed.

Emails or calls about new inquires for housing will unfortunately will not be returned due to volume received.

Applications are available upon request when waiting lists are open.  Check to see whether we have a waiting list open.

Prospective members of the co-op must fill out an application form and be interviewed by representatives of the membership committee who decide if the applicant meets the co-op’s criteria for eligibility. These criteria may include requirements such as exhibiting a basic understanding of co-operative living; having a willingness to participate and the ability to live in harmony with other members of housing co-op.

After Board approval, successful applicants are placed in chronological order on a waiting list for the desired accommodation, and are then notified when a suitable unit becomes available. The waiting period varies depending on the availability of units. Applicants may check with the office to learn their position on the waiting list.

Housing Charges



Monthly Charge


$729.00 - $826.00

Monthly Charge


$900.00 - $1,089.00

Monthly Charge


$1,148.00 - $1,383.00

Monthly Charge

Bachelor and 1-bedroom units are in the walk-ups. 2-bedroom units are in both walk-up and semidetached houses. 3-bedrooms are in semis and detached houses.

Housing charges are inclusive of utilities.

*All waiting lists are currently closed.