Welcome to ForWard 9 Co-operative

Who Are We?

ForWard 9 Community Development Co-operative is a non-profit housing co-operative located in and around the Beaches, providing housing to single people, families and seniors of low and medium incomes.

ForWard 9 has a combination of buildings consisting of low rise apartments, fourplexes, duplexes and rehabilitated single family houses, with unit sizes ranging from bachelors to three bedrooms. We have two buildings at Willow Court used exclusively to provide one bedroom units for our seniors. All properties are encompassed within the area running from the Beaches north to the Danforth, east to Silverbirch and west to Coxwell.

Presently the coops waiting list are closed for all units, but if you are interested in applying for membership and housing, please phone: (416) 690-4279 or email: [email protected]. Waiting list status is updated on the Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto website at http://co-ophousingtoronto.coop/co-op-open-waiting-lists/

Emails or calls about new inquires for housing will unfortunately will not be returned due to volume received.

What is a Co-op?


A housing Cooperative is a group of people who form a corporation to provide housing services for themselves.

Co-op living is unique to all other forms of housing because it represents a community living within a community.

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Applicants must fill out an application form and be interviewed by the membership committee who decide if the applicant becomes a member.

There are a number of criteria that a prospective member is required to meet both in financial terms and adapting to our community lifestyle.

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